World of Warcraft: An Overview to the Druid Specs and How to Gear for Each

Druids are a cool class because they can really perform in any way. They can cover any section of the group that needs to be covered. They can do damage, take damage, or heal damage. It’s really a unique and complex class, because they’re great for a few different reasons. You really need to spec in the section that you’d rather do, but it’s quite easy to respec and get gear for each spec, especially if you’re someone that plays on private realms.
Restoration druids are quite popular, especially when it comes to “stealth runs”. I love being a restoration druid because of how wanted they are. Restoration druids are some of the best healers, and they can also stealth up to where someone will need health. They’re quite easy to maintain, actually, and their healing over time spells are some of the best and easiest to manage keeping someone alive against attackers. As a restoration druid, I was easily able to heal one player who was taking on custom t7 bosses by their selves. I didn’t run out of mana, since my spirit was so high as a restoration druid and the fact that I primary used the healing over time abilities, which don’t take nearly as much mana for the healing that they do over the course of time. They’re also instant cast spells, so it really all works its way out in the long run.

When you want to equip your restoration druid, keep in mind that you’re trying to get your healing bonus up. The better you have for a healing bonus, the more effective and easy to mange your healing will be. If you can heal more per spell, you won’t need to cast as many spells; therefore you’ll heal more damage, and you’ll also have to use much fewer spells. Make sure to get enchants on your weapon for healing bonus, as well as rings and gloves. Everything else, just get intellect and spirit if you can manage.

Feral druids aren’t exactly that popular in end-game anymore. This is because they’re sort of weak in comparison to everything else in the end of the game. Of course they can have quite a bit of attack power with equips, and especially a certain druid staff, but they’re unable to equip a weapon, dramatically decreasing their damage per second. However, this is still a great leveling class. If you’re someone who wants to be a feral druid, just make sure to keep your attack power way up there. This means that you’re going to want to increase your attack power directly, or increase agility and strength. If you increase agility, your crit rate will also go up. If you increase strength, your armor will also go up.

Balance druids are another really popular class of druids for end-game content. They’re extremely good for doing ranged dps, because they’re awesome spell casteres with really fast spells. The other great thing about this spec is that they can cast from the moonkin form, meaning that they can have tons of armor while still being a caster. This is a great advantage to the druid caster form. Make sure to equip this guy to do maximum spell bonus damage. The more damage you can do, the faster you can whipe out your enemy. Make sure to get enchants for spell damage as well. IF you have to, cloth is a great way to get your magic damage up even further.

Overall, all of the specs for druids can be great, as long as you equip them right and know how to use them.


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