New World Builds: Bow & Spear


The New World Bow & New World Spear Build centers around inflicting overtime damage, while also swiftly defeating the enemy through AOE Damage. It permits you to knock down their enemies to prevent any incoming attacks from damaging you and your party members. It’s a PVE build, specifically developed for expedition scenarios, but since it’s adaptable, you can likewise use it for both, PVE and PVP. So, if you have been searching for a good build related to bows and spears, then your search is finally over.

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Working of the build

You will be running expeditions by leading with Rain of Arrows, which inflicts damage and sets Bleeding once the tank has grouped the enemies, for New World Builds. Once that’s done, you can utilize Poison Shot to set a poisonous effect on them, followed by Penetration Shot to deal immense damage on most of the targets.

Once you are in melee range, you can use the Sweep ability to AOE ahead, and then knock the enemies down. Follow up with Cyclone to increase the damage inflicted, and then light attack to completely bring them down. Javelins would be a good suggestion for the enemies attacking you from a range, and if you’re having trouble being in a melee range, you can back and utilize a New World Bow until the situation calms down.


Both the weapons scale with Dexterity, so adding a significant number of points into it will increase your overall damage. Look out for weapons that offer the best Dexterity, alongside a mix of Strength or Constitution, for New World Spear. Strength will improve your melee damage, while Constitution will help keep you maintaining your stand for longer.

Bow Skills

Rain of Arrows

Rain of Arrows is good for hitting small ground-targeted AOE for enhanced weapon damage (150%), and when the skill is upgraded, it also sets Bleeding status. It’s the opener that you need to begin with at the starting of each pull while taking your time to hit multiple targets.

Poison Shot

Poison Shot is a good skill to utilize after Rain of Arrows, as it sets a second DOT on the enemy group, which then causes them to take damage during melee attacks. Make sure to use Poison Shot the second that it’s off the cooldown phase, as it builds a good pressure on the targets.

Penetrating Shot

Penetrating Shot is a great follow-up ability after Rain of Arrows and Poison Shot, as it hopefully hits two or more enemy targets with increased damage. It’s a good and swift ability that allows you to get in the melee range of your target. It’s also good when you can’t get in range with the target to inflict burst damage.

Spear Skills


Sweep is a good ability to use after firing the first round of bow skills to close the distance. It’s an excellent AOE skill, which can also help CC to prevent you and your party members from incoming damage. It has a short cooldown span, and you can further shorten it via Light Attacks, thus allowing you to frequently utilize it in your fights.


Cyclone is similar to Sweep as it inflicts strike damage and increases the effectiveness in the early-game content, which can be a weak point for Bows & Spears. It can also hit in a large AOE, allowing you to crank out the damage from several targets. You can utilize the ability when you are grouped up by a number of enemies.


Javelin is excellent for attacking and knocking down the target that is damaging you from a distance. First, utilize it, and then hit them with Sweep to bring them back to the ground and stop them from attacking you. A lot of unnecessary damage can be avoided, thus making it a highly-efficient build.

Weapons & Armor

The two weapons you’ll need for this build are a Bow and Spear to maximize the damage dealt and don’t simply look out for the gear score because both the weapons scale with Dexterity. Besides that, you will need to seek Crit Chance, alongside Light attack damage as Critical Hits aren’t always guaranteed. If you have an available gem slot, then get an Emerald to improve the damage against low health damage, or at least a Jasper to increase the damage after multiple hits. Alternatively, you can utilize Refreshing to further reduce the cooldowns.

The armor you would want to consider for this build is of the ‘Medium’ weight category to improve the damage, and at the same time, be protected. You won’t get hit very often because of Sweep, Javelin, and Medium Armor dodge. If you want to keep your damage high while getting away easily, then it’s a good setup.


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